Courier and postal networks will be under very heavy strain this year - and we anticipate there could be some delays in shipping, so please bear this in mind when ordering for Christmas delivery.

At checkout, we usually only have Standard Delivery available, please contact us if you're interested in Express delivery.

Please note: If you order after the last order date for your location and your order doesn't arrive in time for Christmas, we will not be able to provide any compensation or offer a refund.

Greeting Cards

To Shipping Last order date
UK Standard from UK 16 Dec
Australia, New Zealand Standard from UK 2 Dec
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America, Far & Middle East Standard from UK 7 Dec
Canada, Cyprus, Malta Standard from UK 8 Dec
Greece, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia), Turkey Standard from UK 9 Dec
Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA Standard from UK 10 Dec
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland Standard from UK 14 Dec
Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg Standard from UK 16 Dec


UK Standard from UK 14 Dec
UK Express /Overnight from UK 17 Dec
West Europe Standard from UK 7 Dec
West Europe Express from UK 11 Dec
USA Standard from UK 7 Dec
USA Express from UK 8 Dec
South Europe Standard from UK 7 Dec
South Europe Express from UK 8 Dec
Rest of Europe Standard from UK 4 Dec
Rest of Europe Express from UK 8 Dec
RoW Standard from UK 30 Nov
RoW Express from UK 4 Dec
US Standard from US 7 Dec
US Express from US 9 Dec


*For Custom Christmas Sweatshirts, please minus 5 days from the last order date.

Worldwide Delivery
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